Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca is one of the most popular suites, measuring 8 meters by 4 meters.  The bedframe is an upscale Mexican traditional design, truly ornate and romantic.  Upon entering the suite one can hardly contain the WOW factor.  White luxury imported mattress and linens make this rooms a couples delightful evening.  An elegant spacious shower awaits you (perhaps your partner, as well), complete with message jets and walk-in rainfall shower and plush terry cloth bathrooms.

Milonga Sentimental

Milonga Sentimental measure 5 meters by 4 ½ meters and is furnished with imported French furniture as a tribute to France before the famed Cinco de Mayo celebration of the expulsion of the French occupation in México. (a bit of trivia).  The suite itself has three lovely windows to welcome the morning with the sound of roosters calling in the daylight.  Shower in a spectacular waterfall shower with message wall jets.  The bathroom sink is an unusual hand crafted onyx design, beautiful and functional.

Otra Luna

Otra Luna, is truly an exceptional suite that measures 4 ½ meters by 5 ½ meters and is decorated with platinaina headboard crafted by a local artesian specializing in a look alike silver patina.  The purple and white décor give the ambiance of entering a royal suite. The bathroom is a bit cozy but quite functional with its marble sink.  The rich purple carpets add an extra sense of comfort and warmth to the suite.